Finger Strings A Book of Cat’s Cradles and String Figures


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  • Finger string games are a wonderful opportunity for today’s children to practise meaningful movement, explore space, interact with others, and exercise their creative spirits. They’re also great fun!

    String games can be particularly useful with children who struggle at school, are dyslexic or who are learning concepts such as ‘left and right’, ‘up and down’. The book contains games that will delight all children, from the very young to those with greater dexterity.

    Over 600 colour diagrams, with two coloured strings

  • Age Range:From 6 to 12 years
    Includes two brightly coloured strings to get you started.

Table of Contents

Meet the String Man
1. About String Games
2. Simple Figures
3. Stars
4. Popular Figures
5. Stories
6. 3d Figures
7. Moving Figures
8. Other Figures
9. Partner Games
10. Tricks
11. String Things
12. Children’s Inventions
13. Very Simple Figures
14. Stringing Stories Together