Fusion V3 Dragon Hub


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The Ultimate Fire Dragon Staff Kit.

3 Years in development, countless prototypes and models, and now on the market since 2013 brings you the most refined and advanced Dragon you can buy. So many options from one hub allows you to evolve and grow without limitations. Thoughtfully considered design choices make this thing a dream to use.

No Rattles

One thing you don’t want is rattles. The dragon spokes are securely fitted with set screws to lock them in tight. This also keeps the spokes simple. That means it will fit any 8mm rod. Make your own or buy online from LED to practice spokes. They all fit!

V3 Hub – Three or Four Spokes

Swap and change according to your needs. If you need more FIRE or less weight, you can choose. All from one hub!


  • Fits a number of tube sizes with push in shims. If your preferences change, your hub can too. Currently available for
  • 22mm (7/8inch) – included (no shims required)
  • 19mm (3/4 inch) – available on request
  • Hubs Off and On in Seconds

No more taking out the wicks to remove the hub. You can now easily remove the hub with one bolt. 3 or 4 turns and it’s off!

Product Specifications

7075 Precision Machined Anodised Aluminium Hubs

Weight Per Hub: 98grams

You will need to order two units to make one staff – one for each end.

Compatible with our Dragon Fire Spokes and Spiral Dragon Claw or any spoke with an 8mm rod.

19mm is a 22mm unit with a removable aluminium shim to fit 19mm tubing.

Price is for one V3 Hub.