Hape Quadrilla Castle Escape


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Marble run Fun!

Escape from the castle’s rotary tower with this exciting Quadrilla set featuring two transparent stairways.

As the marbles make their way down the rail they sound three hanging bells. A challenging resource promoting cognitive development in areas such as problem solving, hypothesising and strategising.

Includes 15 x Coloured Blocks, 6 x Height Adjusters, 4 x Base Rings, 8 x Accelerators, 2 x Marble Shutters, 4 x Curved Rails (Small), 1 x Curved Rail (Large), 1 x Twist Rail, 50 x Marbles, 1 x Cotton Storage Bag, 2 x Transparent Blocks, 3 x Bells, 3 x Clamps, 1 x Marble Roulette, 1 x Catcher.

Made of wood, plastic and glass.

Ages 4yrs+