Hazel Village Nicholas Bear Cub in Tailcoat


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Nicholas Bear is one of the many woodland creatures from Hazel Village.  Each woodland creature comes with a lovely story which brings the toy to life.

Nicholas likes to be prepared.  For instance, what if he is up in the Far Meadow and he finds a good harvest of acorns but he has no wagon to carry them?  That is why his wagon is always bumping behind him.  He says it’s worth the extra effort.  Plus it is shiny.

  • Made from gorgeous organic cotton
  • Nicholas Bear is wearing a dapper tailcoat jacket, some stripped pants and a rather handsome looking bonnet. 
  • The Hazel Village range of woodland stuffed creatures make perfect little friends for all ages, but please remove the doll’s loose clothing (hats, scarves, shoes and socks) before giving to an infant.