How to Paint – Watercolour


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Challenge older kids to explore the many aspects and techniques of painting with watercolours.

The detailed How to Paint Guide will take your child through 16 different step-by-step lessons, including colour blending, mixing colours, wet-on-wet/wet-on-dry technique, layering, textures, experimenting with media and so much more!

 The mess free waterbrush eliminates the need for a water pot making the kit portable, so they can paint outside just like the impressionist did. Suitable for kids age 9+

How to Paint – Watercolour kit includes:

  • • 1 x Painting Guide (16 lessons & 20 special watercolour pages)
  • • 1 x waterbrush
  • • 12 x rich pigment watercolours (pan)
  • • 1 x small sponge for blending effects
  • • 1 x tin mixing tray (palette)
  • • handy storage box